The jury is out on Shashi Tharoor the politician but like it or not, his debating skills are top notch and in this battle of the speakers, organised by Oxford Union, the Indian MP is seen making a strong case for India’s economic health and social standing to have had it roots and taken shape during the colonial times. With numbers at the palm of his hand, Tharoor belts out a series of statistics that talk about how the Victorian government had deprived Indian handloom weavers, a major source of export from the country to flourish.

From thereon the Congress minister talks about how the whole network set up by the British Empire back then was to only support the overall economic climate of the imperialists back home. Tharoor went on shed light on a wide array of money-making means through which Britain would go on to profit through the decades. The railway line was set up purely as a means to supply goods to the ports and ship them out of the country. The numbers dished out about the personnel and the raw materials, including a sizeable chunk of ammunition during the World War I and II was simply staggering.

Then came the more contemporary problem that India faces till this date — Racism. For the different segregations in colour, language and the dreaded word, caste, India is a melting pot of ethnicities and millions of lives have been lost in this battle. Tharoor claims that the seeds of discrimination within the country was sown by the Brits. He concludes his speech by requesting the English to start repaying the colossal overall damage across India during 300 years of ruling by simply saying ‘sorry’ and paying a pound a year. Watch the full speech below: