New Delhi: Congress leader Shashi Tharoor on Friday welcomed Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s suggestion, at the Manorama Conclave, that we all must learn new words from different Indian languages. Taking to Twitter, Tharoor said he welcomes “this departure from Hindi dominance and would gladly take up this challenge”, ending his sentence with hashtag #LanguageChallenge.

Further, in response to the challenge, he also tweeted the word “Pluralism” in English, Hindi and Malayalam. He added that he would tweet one word every day in all three languages.

“PrimeMinister @NarendraModi ended his speech at the #manoramanewsconclave by suggesting we all learn one new word a day from an Indian language other than our own. I welcome this departure from Hindi dominance & gladly take him up on this #LanguageChallenge,” Tharoor said.

PM Modi today addressed Manorama News Conclave 2019 via video-conferencing from the national capital. He said, “Today, I have a humble suggestion. Can we not use the power of language to unite? Can media play the role of a bridge and bring people speaking different languages closer. This is not as difficult as it seems.

“We can simply start with publishing one word in 10-12 different languages spoken across the country. In a year, a person can learn over 300 new words in different languages. Once a person learns another Indian language, he will come to know the commonality and truly appreciate the oneness in Indian culture. This can also give rise to groups of people interested to learn different languages,” he added.

This comes days after Shashi Tharoor was criticised by the Congress for supporting PM Modi. Tharoor had supported Jairam Ramesh for his view that the Prime Minister should be given credit for his good work, and that “demonising” him all the time was of no good.