For us, our daily struggles are small – not getting late for office/college, passing exams, getting through the crazy traffic, etc etc but then there are others for whom the struggle is very real. For them getting through the day is no more than a task. They have to fight all ods and while some succumb to the pressures, for the majority, it is a moment of extreme  pride and satisfaction when they come out of the horror and win the battle life threw them. Such stories are ones of true inspiration and they tell us about the grit and the determination some humans have, and how they are willing to face all odds to win at life.

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Many of us watch Bollywood movies with a lot of glee and excitement but then, while we relish the stunts that our actors perform with eyes wide open, rarely do we acknowledge those behind these stunts. The people who direct them and actually perform them are not your actors but stuntsmen and stuntswomen who fight and risk their lives for these actors – and in return, never even get the recognition. It takes great courage and bravery to be a stuntsperson in Bollywood. But for this one stuntswoman, it was not a matter of choice. It was a matter of survival when she started out and slowly, she made her profession her love and is today one of the most successful stuntswomen in the country! Meet Geeta Tandon!

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The beginning was not very easy for Geeta. As in her own words, she got married off at a very young age – at just 15 years old. Being a teenager, she had absolutely no idea about sex and but naturally was hesitant. The very first night, her mother-in-law told her husband to tear off her clothes and rape her as she would not comply. He proceeded to do exactly that. This continued night after night. Her husband, a drunkard, would arrive drunk and abuse Geeta. She soon got pregnant and even in pregnancy her woes didn’t end as he continued to physically and sexually abuse her. Going to the police didn’t help as all they told her to do was live with her sister for a week till her husband came to his senses! Life was a nightmare and there seemed to be no escape.

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Finally, when things got way out of hand, Geeta decided to run away. She took both her children and ran off, her husband chasing her with a sword! She took shelter in a langar and did not know what to do. She had no education and no skills. She had 2 little mouths to feed. Desperation even made her consider prostitution but she knew she couldn’t put herself through it after the sexual and physical abuse she endured. Finally, help came in the form of an opening for a Bollywood stuntswoman. Having no idea about it, geeta signed up for it and the first time – needless to say, without training, hurt herself badly. but she did not give, continued and that is just where her story begins.

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People like Geeta teach us the important lesson of fighting and not giving up, whatever the difficulty. There are problems in everyone’s life but you need to fight them and emerge the winner. Geeta’s story is heart-wrenching but then, she wants every woman to hear her story and know that winning is in your hands. If you bow down and give up, you’ll never be able to get out of the issues. But if you fight and decide to take the first step, then the world is your oyster. Watch the video and be inspired. Remember, the problem is only as big as you make it. If you never try, success will never come to you!