Mumbai, November 21: After the arrest Peter Mukherjea in Sheena Bora murder case on Thursday night, a former cop from Mumbai Sohail Buddha is in the scanner due to his close relationship and proximity with both former Mumbai police commissioner Rakesh Maria and Star TV Ceo Peter.

Sohail Buddha, 49, an assistant police inspector who worked for Mumbai police for almost 22 years took voluntary retirement to join Star TV as vice president, internal security when Peter was the CEO. (Also Read: Sheena Bora murder case: Peter Mukerjea charged with killing stepdaughter)

According to the reports, Buddha was the person who recruited Shyamvar Rai, Indrani Mukherjea’s driver who is co-accused in the murder of Sheena Bora. Rai was working for Buddha, untill he got arrested by the Khar police officials for illegal posession of arms. After Rai’s arrest the entire case came into public domain followed by Indrani Mukherjea’s arrest.

However the Central Bureau of Investigation and the Mumbai police had called Buddha officially for interrogation yet. But sources among the CBI suggest Buddha will brought for questioning soon at the CBI headquarters.

The Sheena Bora murder case is considered to be one of the most mysterious case of Mumbai in which Rakesh Maria was overnight transferred to the homeguard department by Chief Minister Devendra Fadnavis after the arrest of Peter.

The lesser known fact which was revealed by journalist S Hussain Zaidi in Mumbai Mirror on Saturday that Sohail Buddha was very close to Maria and was among the hand-picked team of the top cop who solved the 1993 Bombay bomb blasts case.

According to the report, the arrest of Rai at Khar police station in the initial illegal gun case was done under the presence of Buddha’s former colleagues, who were part of the 1993 blast probe.

Also senior police inspector Dattatrya Bargude, assistant commissioner of police Sanjay Kadam, inspector Dinesh Kadam, inspector Kedar Pawar and Nitin Alaknoor, who were close to former top cop of Mumbai and had worked under him in 1990 were recently posted at the Khar police station before the arrest of Rai.

However after the team dispersed these officere continued to retain a fierce loyalty to their boss, Rakesh Maria, reported Mumbai Mirror.

Buddha was trusted by both Maria and Peter but the question which remains unanswered that how Mumbai police came to know about the mysterious disapperance of Sheena Bora and about her death. Is it Buddha who tipped Maria about Sheena?

Report suggest that the hand-picked team of 1993 bomb blasts by Maria was strategically moved to Khar police station in one year who first cracked the case. The transfers were done during the time when Maria was police commissioner of Mumbai.

Buddha reportedly told “In the 14 years of my police service I have earned 300 awards and have always helped the force”.

After Rakesh Maria took close interest in the case and after he questioned Peter for almost six hours on September 7 he was transferred to home guards department. Yet many questions has to be answered in the high profile Sheena Bora murder case.