Indrani Mukerjea, top media executive who is in police custody for murdering her daughter Sheena Bora, has finally admitted to killing Sheena, reports DNA. Until now, Indrani had maintained a straight face in the police investigation and said that her daughter was studying in the US. She is not coming forward in order to frame her mother, said Indrani. (ALSO READ: Top 5 theories – why Indrani Mukerjea murdered her daughter)

But as the police interrogation intensified, Indrani apparently broke down and confessed to the crime. An official statement as regards this from Mumbai Police Commissioner Rakesh Maria is awaited. Maria had earlier stated that the other two accused – Indrani’s ex-husband Sanjeev Khanna and her driver Shyamvar Rai – had confessed to the crime already.

It was Shyamvar who spilled the beans to the police, when caught for possession of guns illegally. He told the police of the detailed plot to kill Sheena Bora by his ex-employer Indrani Mukerjea. Sheena had been lured on night by Indrani and Sanjeev into a car. Her drink was spiked and she was later strangulated. Indrani, Sanjeev and Shyamvar allegedly took the body to the outskirts of Mumbai in Raigad, and set it on fire before burying the remains.

After the crime, the driver had apparently been pair Rs 5 lakh to keep shut. More investigations are on in the case. (ALSO WATCH: Sheena Bora murder case: Indrani Mukerjea’s ex-husband Sidhartha Das opens up, first time on camera!)