New Delhi: Prime Minister Narendra Modi during his first Mann Ki Baat address in the year 2019 spoke on a range of topics. While, he remembered late Sidaganga Mutt Seer Shivakumar Swami, he also paid tributes to Netaji Subhas Chandra Bose, whose birth anniversary was celebrated a few days back. The PM also spoke about the Lok Sabha Elections 2019 and praised the Election Commission of India (ECI) for strengthening the democracy. He also urged the youngsters to register themselves as voters this year, if they are eligible, and exercise their franchise. However, one of the most interesting aspect that he touched upon is the ‘Shining Toilet Contest’ or the ‘Clean Beautiful Toilet’ contest. (PM Narendra Modi Addresses 52nd Edition of Mann Ki Baat: Full Text)

So, what is ‘Shining India Contest’. Well, people across India are participating in this unique contest. The only pre-requisite for it is a clean toilet. The Prime Minister, during Mann Ki Baat address, also appealed all the Sarpanchs, village heads to take lead in this campaign in their respective Panchayats. Let us know a little bit more about this one-of-a-kind competition.

All About Shining India Contest

  • People participating in the contest, make their toilets clean and colourful. For the purpose, they either get them painted or renovated.
  • The participants in this contest do not belong to a particular area. It is a nation-wide contest in which people from Kanyakumari to Kutch are participating.
  • Over the past month, more than 50 lakh toilets have participated in this unique contest.
  • In the wake of this contest, lots of photos of clean, colourful and renovated toilets have been doing rounds on social media.
  • The photos are being shared on social media platforms with the hashtag – #MyIzzatGhar.

Addressing the nation, PM Modi also said, “On October 2, 2014 we embarked on memorable journey together to clean our country. Due to people’s support, India is moving towards liberation from defecation in open much prior to October 2, 2019, so that we may pay our homage to Bapu (Mahatma Gandhi) on his 150th birth anniversary.”