Mumbai, June 10: In a fresh turn of events, the Shiv Sena party lauded Prime Minister Narendra Modi for his address to a joint session of the US Congress during his five-nation tour. Modi’s speech has been praised not just by Indians but by American Senators as well. Also Read - PM Modi Inaugurates 3 Major Projects in Gujarat | All You Need to Know

Shiv Sena’s compliments came as a surprise, since the right-wing party has often been critical of the PM. Recently, the party mouthpiece, Samana criticized Modi for his speech in Qatar accusing the Indian Prime Minister of trying to appease the Muslim community. The same publication, in its fresh editorial titled “Zordar Modi” (loosely translated as Brilliant Modi), praised him for a “historic speech” in the US Capitol. (ALSO READ: Narendra Modi speech in US Congress: When an Indian Prime Minister receives 8 standing ovations) Also Read - LJP's Chirag Paswan Promises to Stand With PM Modi And His Beliefs Until Last Breath

The editorial mentioned how people in the US make fun of Indians for the way they speak English, often by imitating them. However, the Prime Minister’s speech received quite an overwhelming response from the member of the US legislative body. In fact, Modi was given a grand welcome and several standing ovations, editorial in Marathi read. Also Read - From Restoration of Article 370 to Blocking Bihar's Development: PM Modi Lambasts Opposition at First Rally in Sasaram | Key Takeaways

Modi may not be very fluent in the English language, but he has always managed to enthral his audience before with style and energy.

The editorial has good things to say about the Prime Minister, but criticised the US government for its two-faced approach in the South Asian region.

Calling out its hypocrisy, the editorial stated that on the one hand US supports India’s combat against terrorism but then it also provides economic and military aid to Pakistan, which allegedly sponsors militants that find their way to India.