Atrocity among the old citizens, unprivileged, poor people and women have been witnessed in recent times and the number has increased tremendously. Though major incident are reported and gets registered in FIR, there are many others which go unreported. Here is one of them when an old man was kicked continuously by Bharatiya Janata Party parliamentarian, which now has come under the public preview, all thanks to social media. There is n0 information if a case is registered against the lawmaker, neither the identity of the old man is verified.

The incident took place at a religious function where people were chanting the name of god and were singing bhajans (Hindu religious songs). Soon from no where, BJP MP Vittal Radadiya appeared and kicked the old man, ordering him to move from that place immediately. On being questioned by the old man why he is being ordered to move, he was kicked again and again, till the old man fell on the floor. Watching the ‘Lawmaker’ from Porbandar constituency of Gujarat kicking an innocent man, the security guard came to rescue and requested the old man to leave. ALSO READ: This video rightly explains why women are banned from entering some temples in India

Humiliated and lost in debate, the old man grabbed his belonging and moved from that place. But the Parliamentarian did not stop at this, he chased the old man and ensured that he leaves the place. Others who were watching the entire scene were shocked, but the MP signed to sit and continue with the religious function. This is not the first time Radadiya was seen misusing his power, earlier too, he had sparked a controversy in October 2012 after brandishing a gun at a toll booth employee.