A rather shocking CCTV footage of an accident in Gujarat has emerged online. The video captures the unfortunate moment of a two-wheeler driver who got hit by a speeding car. The car rammed into the two-wheeler, toppling the bike and leaving the person named Ashish Mistry on the bike injured.

The incident took place on Dumas Road in Gujarat. The victim after being hit by the car in currently in coma. The man used to work in Mahindra showroom was heading back to his home.

Coincidentally it was revealed after police investigation that the car that rammed into the bike was also from the Mahindra showroom in Dumas Road. The driver was on a test driver, who can be seen speeding away after the accident. The one who was driving the car is retired deputy SP Desai’s son. The police have arrested the accused and further investigation is being carried on. Watch the video below to know more about the hit-and-run case. (Image used for representational purpose)