Chennai, May 12: In a shocking incident a giant wheel collapsed in Kishkinta Theme Park in Chennai when the amusement park authorities were carrying out a trail run. One person was killed and nine were injured when a newly assembled “Disco Giant Wheel” collapsed in Kishkinta Theme Park. The chilling video of the accident is going viral on social platforms.

According to reports, a trail run of several rides was going on in Kishkinta Theme Park when the tragedy took place. The park was closed down after devastating Chennai floods in November, 2015. When the trial run of giant wheel called “Disco Giant Wheel” was being carried out, the ride collapsed. There were at least 10 staff members on the giant wheel when the ride suddenly collapsed. (ALSO WATCH: A man kept harassing a girl in the auto rickshaw. What do you think happens next?)

While one person lost his life, 9 injured people were admitted to Deepam Hospital in Tambaram area. The District Collector has ordered an enquiry in this regard. Meanwhile, Josh Punnish, owner of the park, and manager Shathivelan have been arrested and booked under section 337 and 304(2). Watch the shocking video of the accident below: