Latehar, May 14: In an astonishing incident, a villager bit and killed a snake before getting killed by the reptile. However the snake died on the spot, the man passed away few hours later. The incident took place at Bariyatu village in Jharkhand’s Latehar district on Thursday evening. 50-year old Ranthu Oraon caught a snake from his neighbour’s house and killed it sinking his teeth into its flesh.Also Read - No, Jharkhand Hasn’t Announced Lockdown in State: CM Soren Calls Twitter Post ‘Fake’

On Thursday evening, Ranthu Oraon was awakened by noise in the neighbourhood over a poisonous snake, reported Hindustan Times. The old man caught the snake, bit it and killed it. However Oraon also collapsed 12 hours later and it was revealed that he was also bitten by the snake. “He swiftly entered the neighbour’s home and came out with the snake in his hands,” said Parasu, a relative. “Suddenly, he started biting the snake. The battered and bitten snake died instantly,” he added. (ALSO WATCH: “Disco Giant Wheel” ride collapses in Kishkinta Theme Park) Also Read - Bihar, Jharkhand, UP Poorest States In India: NITI Aayog's Poverty Index

12 hours after the snake was killed by Oraon, his family and neighbours found that he was also bitten when he went into the neighbour’s home to catch it. Oraon was taken to Carmel Asha Kendra, a hospital that specialises in treating snakebite cases in Latehar. But it was too late and Oraon died in the hospital on Friday. Also Read - Maoists Kill 4 of Family, Hang Their Bodies, Blow Up House in Bihar's Gaya District

Snakebite victims biting back the reptile is very common in Jharkhand state as people in the tribal villages believe eating the snake after being bitten helps to get immunity from the poison.