Mumbai, July 16: She was ostracized by her own family and was locked in a flat all alone, without food or proper water supply, for an entire year. Her fault? The family claimed that she was possessed by a ghost spirit!

When she was rescued on Wednesday, last week, Nalasopara resident Durgavati Mishra could not even stand. She has lost both her eyes due to malnutrition and the lack of water has made her body weak. Read: Blind kids tortured shamelessly, culprits held

According to an exclusive report, published by DNA India, 40 year old Durgavati, was confined on the first floor flat of Sai Deep Apartment in the Gala Nagar area of Nalasopara East. Her husband Jayprakash Mishra lived in a second floor flat of the same building with his sister-in-law Induvati. The duo had locked Durgavati in the first floor flat and never bothered to even check her condition.

The stench coming from the apartment alerted the neighbouring residents of the building but they did not take any action. But for the social workers of the locality, Durgavati would never have been rescued. They also informed the Tulinj police station and called on the 108 emergency helpline number. Read: Justice for Rajon Viral Video: Innocent boy in Bangladesh beaten to death by heartless men

According to her neighbours, Durgavati was entirely normal and had two minor sons. The neighbours also revealed that Jayprakash would assault his wife often and would even refuse to feed her. Slowly, she lost the strength to walk and would urinate and excrete in her clothes.

“When we entered the flat to rescue her, she could not respond and was unable to even walk. A foul smell was emanating from the house. Her sister-in-law gave vague answers to our questions, so we informed the police, broke open the lock. Doctors rushed her to the hospital for treatment,” Alpesh Rupani, a local social worker, told DNA.

After she was rescued, Durgavati was rushed to JJ Hospital where she underwent treatment. “The woman has become weak, and she has lost her eyes due to loss of water. The retinas in her eyes have been completely damaged. If the woman had not been rescued, she would have died in the next few days. She is in this condition because of her family. We have found assault marks on her body”, Dr Sarveshvar Dube, who works with the 108 Emergency Helpline, told DNA.

Durgavati’s husband, Jayprakash who works in Andheri has been summoned at the Tulinj police station and is likely to face legal action. As to the claims of the family that Durgavati was possessed, there has been no confirmation.

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