Is there any place left in India where a woman can call herself to be absolutely safe. After reading this outrageous, chilling incident, the answer you will get is a clear negative. A 26-year-old dead woman was gang raped by three men in Ghaziabad’s district in Uttar Pradesh after digging her out from her grave. Yes, the victim was pulled out from her grave by these brute assaulters.

According to the reports, the lady has died while giving birth to her child. Amounting to severe and unbearable pain, she succumbed. The woman’s body was found by the local residents nearly 20 feet away from the grave. The dead body was naked, revealed by the residents, who informed the police after coming across the horrific sight. The police have begun with their investigation.

In a country, where time and again questions over the safety of women are raised, this incident dashes all hopes. Forget woman seen in broad daylight or dark evening, nobody is safe as these predators did not let a woman remain in peace even after death.

According to the Indian penal code, there is no clear definition as ‘sex with the corpse’ but if an accused is proven guilty of such acts, he/she may be convicted under Section 297 of the Indian Penal Code. Section 377 of the Indian Penal Code could also be invoked.