SHOCKING: Women could be raped according to their zodiac sign, says astrologer!

Baba Sachidananda website photo

Just when the country is being rocked with the news of another rape case near national capital New Delhi, comes a report about an astrologer in Bangalore who allegedly guides his clients to sexually abuse women according to their Sun sign or zodiac. We figured this is the same astrologer who also appears on TV to offer predictions to people.Also Read - Now Book Uber Via WhatsApp. Read To Learn How

According to a report in Deccan Chronicle, B Sachidananda Babu offered his ‘expertise’ on how women from some zodiac signs may be sexually abused in their life. He apparently also revealed the age and the place that this sexual abuse or rape could happen. All this, on national television! Also Read - Uber to Shut Services in Belgium on Nov 26 After Court Ruling

Predictably, an activist spread his ‘visions’ on Facebook as proof and demanded action against him. Also Read - Pakistan Parliament Approves Chemical Castration of Habitual Rapists

But what comes out from the report is that the Sachidananda Babu only revealed how this could happen to women of specific zodiac signs. He is in no way guiding his clients to go ahead and commit the heinous crime. Sachidananda Babu has now gone ahead and lodged a complaint against the activist under IT act section 66 (D).

But the point is that, the astrologer should NOT have revealed this kind of thing on national television! He has no business going about making the country even more dangerous for women than it actually is. Especially with sick minds always looking out for ways and means to harm women!