New Delhi, April 9: Shoes were hurled at former Shiromani Akali Dal minister Sikandar Singh Maluka by some Sikh protesters during a kabaddi match in a Melbourne on Sunday. Maluka was participating the event as chief guest. The incident happened when he was sitting on stage along with others and suddenly protesters started raising slogans against him. Also Read - Facebook Says It Will Pay USD 1 Billion over 3 Years To News Industry

The protesters were making references to his comments post-Bargari sacrilege incident in 2015. He has reportedly told people to celebrate Diwali when Sikh groups had given a call from Black Diwali. The protesters created a ruckus in the stadium and raised slogans ‘Maluka Murdabaad’. The video of the incident was posted on social media. Also Read - Australia Passes Landmark Law to Make Google, Facebook Pay For News

However, shoes didn’t hit Maluka and he was escorted by the policemen in the middle of the match.  It was also reported that empty bottles were also thrown at him but it didn’t hit him. Also Read - Facebook Restricts Australian Users From Viewing Any News Content Over Media Payment Law

Meanwhile, it was also reported that Maluka denied this incident and said that there was only sloganeering. He said that the two kabaddi clubs of Melbourne had some fight with each other and therefore persons from other club came to spoil the atmosphere. But police took them away and everything went in a smooth manner.

Earlier, a protest was also held during his Canada trip. He was stopped by the Canadian police from entering a venue following protests by the Sikhs.

What is Bargari sacrilege?
Communal tension was reported in Bargari and Kotkapura towns after more than 110 pages of the Guru Granth Sahib were found near a gurdwara in Bargari. Residents noticed the pages when they came to gurudwara to offer morning prayers. The Sikh organisations and residents of adjoining villages took out a protest march carrying the torn pages of the holy Granth. Later police said that torn pages belonged to the Holy book which was stolen Gurdwara at Burj Jawahar Singh Wala village.