New Delhi: The Centre has issued ‘shoot at sight’ orders for security forces, especially the Central Reserve Police Force (CRPF), deployed in Maoist-hit areas, after a ‘serious and new threat’ of drones by the Naxalites came to light recently, news agency Press Trust of India (PTI) reported.

The development comes after drone-like objects were spotted flying over CRPF camps in Kistaram and Pallodi areas of Chhattisgarh’s south Bastar district about a month ago. The directive was issued by a unified command of security and intelligence agencies at the Centre.

According to reports, ‘small red and white light’ emitting drones were seen flying near the Kistaram and Pallodi camps at least four times in three days last month. The drones, according to reports, drew the attention of the security personnel who took offensive position and an alert was sounded across all nearby CRPF camps, fearing Naxal trouble.

However, reports added, the drones disappeared even before they could be aimed at and shot.

Investigations into the said incident are currently underway. However, according to a preliminary inquiry, the drones were a basic version of an Unarmed Aerial Vehicle (UAV), which is controlled with a remote from the ground and is used to cover social events.

The development is reported to be a serious concern as the two camps are located in Naxal hotbeds and do not have any proper road connectivity. Further, these witness regular movement of the Naxalites as the area shares its borders with Odisha and Maharashtra, and leads to the jungles of Andhra Pradesh.

The intelligence agencies suspect that drones are being used by the Maoists to keep a track on the movements of the security forces.