New Delhi: Union home minister Amit Shah on Friday challenged Rahul Gandhi and the Congress to show one clause in the Citizenship (Amendment) Act, 2019 that has provisions to take away the citizenship of anyone. “I challenge Rahul Baba,” he said adding that the ‘Congress and company’ are spreading rumours that this act will take away the citizenship of minorities, Muslims.


The minister was addressing a public rally in Shimla to commemorate BJP’s second year in power in the state.


On Thursday, Amit Shah said it’s time to punish the “tukde-tukde gang”, in the wake of protests against the Citizenship (Amendment) Act, 2019. “It is time to punish the tukde-tukde gang, which is responsible for the violence in the streets of the national capital with the help of the Congress party. The people of Delhi should punish them,” Shah had said on Thursday

“When debate on the Citizenship Amendment Bill took place in Parliament, no one was ready to say anything and instead, they kept on beating around the bush. No sooner did they (Congress) come out, than they started spreading lies on the CAA, thus triggering unrest in Delhi,” he added.

Congress leader Rahul Gandhi on Friday criticised the CAA as an attack on poor. “Whether NRC or NPR, it is a tax on the poor, demonetisation was a tax on the poor. It is an attack on poor people, now the poor is asking how will we get jobs?” Rahul Gandhi said on Friday in Chattisgarh.