New Delhi: Major Sikhs, Hindu organisations in the United States have condemned the planned burning of the Indian national flag in Washington on Republic Day by a pro-Khalistan group “Sikhs for Justice”.

The Sikhs of America Inc. “condemned and denounced” in the “strongest terms the planned burning of the Indian flag” on the occasion of the Republic Day. In a release, they said, “Sikhs reside and have businesses not only all over India but also boast a global presence. Such theatrical protests like flag burning are detrimental to the peace-loving and harmony enhancing Sikh community”.

It added, “Sikhs have achieved a lot recently through dialogue with the Indian government, solving some of the key issues that were faced by the Sikhs for decades.”

Calling for a dialogue with the Indian government, Sikhs of America Inc urged “Sikhs for Justice” to desist from “petty actions.”

The American Hindu Coalition (AHC) has also expressed “deep dismay” at the statements made by “Sikhs for Justice” to burn the national flag.

The AHC in a release said, “Intent of flag burning is an immense affront to the largest democracy on the earth” and causes “huge grief to the American Hindus”. It added, “Entire AHC membership urges “Sikhs for Justice to stop this act.”

Harsh Sethi, president of the American Hindu Coalition (AHC) who himself is of Sikh inheritance said Hindus consider Sikhs as part of the same family like himself.

(Written by Siddhant Sibal)