New Delhi: In a twisted tale of revenge, a man has allegedly kidnapped a 15-year-old boy and then killed him in West Delhi. Police arrested Sanat, the accused, who is also a neighbour of the boy, Devender.

According to reports, the enmity goes back a long way as Sanat wanted to marry Devender’s sister and asked her hand from their father Ram Babu. But apparently, the father turned down the proposal as Sanat was unemployed. A few days later, Devender’s sister got married and that’s when Sanat plotted to kidnap and kill her brother to teach Ram Babu a lesson.

On Saturday afternoon, Devender went out to play with his friends and didn’t return. His father lodged a complaint as he did not return till 10 pm. On Sunday morning, the cops at Khyala found the body of a teenager beside a drain, as reported by TOI. It was identified as Devender’s. When the cops started investigating, it was found that Sanat, the neighbour, was also missing. Following a hunt, Sanat was caught from the area. He admitted to having kidnapped Devender and slit his throat.