New Delhi: In a tragic incident, six construction workers, who are believed to be Indian nationals, were killed and buried alive while working at an excavation site in Oman, the Indian Embassy informed.

The incident happened when they were working at an excavation site of a water pipeline project due to heavy rains.

The embassy further informed that the incident happened in the Seeb area of Muscat after heavy rain lashed the city on Sunday.

“We are deeply saddened to learn about the incident involving the death of six workers, who are believed to be Indian nationals, in Seeb area of Muscat, Oman, following the heavy rains on November 10,” the Indian embassy said in a tweet.

Saying that the embassy officials are in contact with the Omani officials to ascertain the full facts of the incident, the Embassy said that it is making all efforts to confirm the identities of the victims.

“We express our heartfelt condolences to the families of the victims and stand ready to extend all possible support,” it said in another tweet.

Local media reported that the said construction workers were killed after heavy rain flooded the construction site they were working at and they could not find a way to come out of the site. By the time the rescue team managed to reach out to them, the workers were already found dead. The rescue team took nearly 12 hours to recover the bodies.

According to reports, the six labourers were working on a section of a pipe that was 14 metres below the ground at a piping project.

However, the General Federation of Oman Trade Unions has called for probe into the matter to clarify the circumstances behind the incident.