New Delhi: Vice President Venkaish Naidu on Sunday urged people of the country to use their freedom of speech judiciously and said democracy means discussions and debates and not disruption, obstruction or destruction. He also said that dissent is welcome in a democracy but not disintegration of the country. Also Read - Respect For All Religions Inherent In 'Indian Blood', Says Vice President M Venkaiah Naidu

“(Some) people say dissent is required in a democracy. It is welcome but in the name of dissent, you cannot speak against the nation’s unity and integrity. This has to be understood by all,” Naidu said. Also Read - Exemplary Action Should be Promptly Taken Against Convicts: Venkaiah Naidu on Unnao Rape Case

Addressing an event in Ranchi, the Vice President said the unrest and disturbances hamper the progress of the society. Also Read - No Mercy Should be Given to Rapists: Venkaiah Naidu on Telangana Doctor Rape-Murder Case

“We have got to vote in (a party) or vote out (a party) every five years. Violence has no place in a democracy. It is against the nation and everyone should understand that,” he added.

Saying that the ballot is more powerful than the bullet, Naidu said that some people advocate that revolution comes through the barrel of a gun. “It is fashion for some people to advocate revolution, but what is required is not revolution but evolution,” Naidu added.

Talking about the slow economy of the country, the vice president stated that the slowdown in the Indian economy is temporary. “Despite the temporary lull, India is expected to bounce back as the fastest growing economy,” he said.