New Delhi: A Xiaomi handset allegedly caught fire while charging, as reported by a user’s friend on Chinese smartphone manufacturer’s MIUI forum. He further claimed that the device was completely damaged in the fire. The device was not more than eight months old and was not suffering with heating problem.

The handset – Xiaomi Mi A1 – suffered battery explosion following which it caught fire. In the post, pictures of the damaged device has been shared.

“My friend’s MiA1 exploded while he was sleeping near it. If not for the protective cover and the distance, he could have been seriously hurt. So, my friend bought a MiA1 about 8 months ago. It was working without problems till date. No heating issues, while charging or otherwise. He had kept it for charging and went to sleep, as he usually does. Apparently, he was jolted awake at night by something, but ignored it and went back to sleep. In the morning, he found the phone in an extremely damaged condition. He has reported to customer care, and hopefully, they will compensate him,” the post shared on MIUI forum read.

As per latest reports, the complaint has been acknowledged by Xiaomi. However, an official statement on the same is yet awaited.