New Delhi, March 8: The first total solar eclipse (surya grahan) which will be visible in India on Wednesday morning just after the sunset. The total obstruction of sun by the moon will take place on Wednesday, almost after 17 years. The Japanese electronics giant, Panasonic has decided to broadcast the natural worldwide phenomenon from its Power Supply Container.

According to Panasonic, the spectacular moment of obstruction of sun by moon between planet earth will be live broadcast in a 4 minute long live video from Ternate in Indonesia. The electronic giant on Tuesday announced that the live feed will start from 5:00 AM on Wednesday and it can be streamed live social sites like YouTube Live, Ustream and Periscope.

As this event is one of the rare the Panasonic has decided to use solar power modules to streamline the solar eclipse which is also known as surya grahan in India. Read Also: (Total Solar Eclipse 2016: Looking at the sun could burn your eyes)

For tomorrows natural phenomenon engineers at Panasonic had noted that to enable live filming and broadcast from the island the Power Supply Container will be transported from Jakarta to Dodoku Ali of Ternate. According to NASA, the total solar eclipse will be available for the people located in and around 100 mile-round path that runs across the earth surface.

Solar eclipse is a natural phenomenon which occurs rarely and it happens when moon comes in the path of sun and the earth for few minutes blocking the bright sunlight. Read Also: (Total Solar Eclipse 2016: Some parts of India will be completely dark; All you need to know)

Indian Ministry of Earth Science that the partal phase of eclipse will begin from 4:49 am (IST) on Wednesday and will end at 9:08 am (IST). The visibility of the sun during eclipse will be 15 percent in Agartala, 11 percent in Guwahati, Assam, 12 percent in Silchar, Assam, 12 percent in Patna, Bihar, 18.5 percent in Kolkata, West Bengal, 24.5 percent in Bhubaneshwar, Orrisa, 49 percent in Port Blair, Andaman and Nicobar.

In 2016 in India there will be four eclipse in total. On March 9 – total solar eclipse, March 23 lunar eclipse, September 1- solar eclipse, September 16 -lunar eclipse.