New Delhi, March 8: The first total solar eclipse (surya grahan) in India will be visible on Wednesday morning just after sunrise in the eastern part of country. On March 9, Wednesday the Moon passes between the Sun and Earth which will obstruct the view of Sun from people living on planet Earth. The total solar eclipse will be first visible from India’s extreme north-east places like Kohima, in Nagaland, Itanagar in Arunachal Pradesh and Imphal in Manipur where sun rises earlier than other locations in India.

During solar eclipse in India people avoid food and some also fast for the day. Heavily pregnant women are advised to remain at their home as it is believed that the rays falling of the earth after the eclipse is over may have adverse effects on health.

India’s Ministry of Earth Science in a statement said that the partial phase of eclipse will begin from 4:49 am (Indian Standard Time) on Wednesday and will end at 9:08 am (IST). Read Also: (Total Solar Eclipse 2016: Some parts of India will be completely dark; All you need to know)

In India the visibility of the sun during eclipse will be 15 percent in Agartala, Tripura, 24.5 percent in Bhubaneshwar, Orrisa, 11 percent in Guwahati, Assam, 18.5 percent in Kolkata, West Bengal, 12 percent in Patna, Bihar, 49 percent in Port Blair, Andaman and Nicobar, and 12 percent in Silchar, Assam.

The Indian Ministry of Earth Science said in a statement that the greatest phase of the partial eclipse will not be seen from many places in India as the sunrise will take place at some places after the eclipse is over.

This year in India there will be four eclipse in total. On March 9 – total solar eclipse, March 23 lunar eclipse, September 1- solar eclipse, September 16 -lunar eclipse. Read Also: (Total Solar Eclipse 2016: Looking at the sun could burn your eyes)

Here are few things one must avoid while watching the solar eclipse on Wednesday morning.

– Not using proper eye protection as it can permanently harm your eyes permanently.
– Using stacked up or old sunglasses.
– Watching the eclipse though binoculars or telescope.
– Using photographic camera and trying to zoom the camera while watching the eclipse.
– Watching the eclipse through one eye to see the eclipse more clearly.

Here are few things one must do while watching the obstruction of moon on sun.

– Use new sunglasses to watch the eclipse.
– Digital camera must be used and the obstruction should be seen on the camera screen.
– Use of smartphone is the best method nowadays and always watch the eclipse on the screen.
– Ask a specialist for the best advice.