New Delhi: Sakshi Misra, the daughter of BJP MLA Rajesh Misra has hit the headlines yet again, this time for coming out in support of her father. Sakshi has reportedly posted a complaint on Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath’s ‘Jan Sunwai’ portal, alleging that some people were trying to malign the image of her father and her husband’s family by spreading false stories.

The BJP leader’s daughter demanded action against culprits, saying that misinformation was being spread through videos on YouTube. Furthermore, she has claimed that this was having an adverse impact on her father’s political career. “I want to live peacefully with my husband and his family but some people are creating problems for us,” she said in the complaint.

Sakshi eloped with Ajitesh Kumar on July 3 and got married at a temple in Prayagraj. Days after marriage, she released a video along with her husband, claiming that the couple face a threat to their lives from her father.

In the video, Sakshi was seen saying that because she married Ajitesh against the wishes of her family in a temple, she faces threat to her life from her father. “My father will kill me and my husband if he finds us. He cannot tolerate his daughter marrying a boy from a Dalit family. My father’s men are trying to track us,” she was seen saying.

To this, her father and BJP MLA Rajesh Misra said that he was not against his daughter’s marriage to a Dalit youth, Ajitesh Kumar, but his main concern was that the boy was nine years elder to his daughter.

“As a father, I am naturally concerned about my daughter’s future. I want them to return home,” he told reporters.

In a written statement, he said that his daughter was an adult and was well within her rights to take her own decisions. The MLA further said, “I am busy with my party work and membership drive and I have not said a word to my daughter. These allegations are false,” he said.

Later, the matter went to the Allahabad High Court that held the marriage valid and ordered the state government to provide adequate security to the couple.

(With agency inputs)