New Delhi: A day before the floor test, Madhya Pradesh Congress has pointed out on Twitter that the video in which Imarti Devi claimed that she resigned voluntarily and there is no force on her. she was being prompted what to say. She was even looking for her cue for the next line. Also Read - Despite Receiving News of Mother's Death, MP Health Officer Continues to Perform His Duty

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On Saturday, Governor Lalji Tandon directed Speaker Narmada Prasad Prajapati to conduct the floor test on March 16.

“The division on the trust vote will take place by pressing the button, no other mode of voting will be acceptable,” the order further stated. It added that the floor test would have to be completed on March 16, and would not be ‘deferred, delayed or suspended.’

About 22 MLAs. loyal to former Congress leader Jyotiraditya Scindia, resigned from the Assembly. But their resignations were not accepted by the Speaker. While they were taken to Bengaluru, allegedly by the BJP, Congress took its MLAs to Jaipur. The Congress alleged that the BJP misled many MLAs and forced them to resign. Countering this claim, six MLAs, including Imarti Devi, released videos. But now Congress is saying that in the videos too, they are being parrotted what to say.