Kolkata, July 8: After chasing actor Vikram Chatterjee for days, Kolkata Police arrested the actor in a case related to the death of model Sonika Chauhan in April this year. The accident drew a lot of attention after the friends of the deceased model ran a social media campaign for justice. Also Read - Bail granted to Vikram Chatterjee

Deciphering the details of the accident, Vikram Chatterjee alleged the accident took place when another car rammed into his car from behind. He had denied the charges of consuming alcohol and driving his car at speed but the forensic report made it clear both of his claims were false. Also Read - Vikram Chatterjee sent to 14 days judicial custody

The police booked cases under Section 304A – causing death due to negligence, rash driving and damage to public property. The forensic report not only revealed the actor consumed alcohol and was driving the vehicle at 95-115 Kilometre per hour. It also registered the case under culpable homicide and murder due to negligence. Also Read - Actor Vikram Chatterjee arrested

Although Vikram is out on the anticipatory bail, police investigation suggests he was absconding to escape his arrest. Even, Vikram told the police to contact him only through his father, a practice generally exercised by the minor. His counsel too informed he had no idea about his whereabouts. Anguished over the Vikram’s action, his parents requested the management of the Christian Cemetry to stop him from visiting Sonika’s grave repeatedly. However, the Cemetry authorities declined to accept his request. They also alleged the death was the outcome of faulty airbags in the car.

However, the case got complex when the officer at the blood detecting lab said the sample submitted is not enough to prove Vikram was under the influence of alcohol at the time of driving. “The hospital had sent a sample of 0.5 ml of blood for the test, which is not enough. We do not have any laboratory evidence to prove if Vikram was drunk when he was driving,” said a police officer.

Vikram was at the wheel of his car while his partner Sonika was on the front seat when the accident happened on a south Kolkata Street while they were returning from a party. After the accident, Sonika was rushed to a city hospital where she succumbed to her injuries. The actor himself sustained a head injury in the accident and was hospitalised.