New Delhi, May 9: Following the death of actor Sonika Chauhan in an accident, which also involved Vikram Chatterjee, another actor, there have been claims by many of Sonika’s friends that Vikram who was driving the car when the accident happened was indeed intoxicated. Chatterjee in this case has given his statement at the Kolkata police station on Tuesday. Also Read - How Much Did Ya Say? This Kolkata Stall Serves a Special Tea For ₹1000 A Cup. Here's Why

Sonika and Vikram were on their way back from a party when the accident took place last month. The impact killed Sonika and injured Vikram. However, witness came up later to claim that Vikram was drunk driving and as a result the accident might have been caused. However, Vikram has denied these charges earlier and claimed that he was not drinking alcohol in the party. Also Read - Gujarat Man Falls Into Well While Escaping From His Ex-Girlfriend's Brother, Dies

In this connection, soon a video evidence was presented in which Vikram is seen drinking what he claims as ‘cold drink’ and was dancing earlier that evening. But as per reports, it is unsure if the drink he is having is alcoholic or not. Also Read - US Golfer Tiger Woods In Surgery After Major Car Crash

After the accident, the police has been now asked why did it take 10 days to record a statement. Reportedly, evidence of Vikram’s blood report is not yet available, and hence his toxication has not yet been proved. Moreover, his counselor claimed that Vikram was not intoxicated and was not even overspeeding when the accident happened. However, he was booked for rash driving and causing death by negligence.

The police has however filed a case suo moto in this connection and is investigating further.

The actor soon after his statement at Kolkata police station left after receiving a bail.