New Delhi: Devendra Fadnavis changed his Twitter bio on Friday soon after he submitted his resignation letter to the Governor as the state is staring at more confusion and mayhem as there’s no end to the BJP-Sena tussle.

The term of the present Assembly is going to end on November 9. But as there has been no resolution to the BJP-Sena bickering, it’s likely that no new government is being formed soon. “The governor has asked me to be the acting CM,” said Fadnavis addressing a press meet soon after he met the Governor.

Then his Twitter bio changed to Caretaker CM, only revealing more hints that the state is not going to get a stable government anytime soon, though it has clearly given its mandate to the BJP-Sena alliance.

Sena, on Friday, made it clear that there would be no talks with the BJP unless the latter admits that 50:50 power-sharing was the pre-condition of the alliance both the parties walked into.

So now, there are conspicuously three options in front of Maharashtra:

BJP can stake a claim and form a minority government. It would have to prove the majority in the floor test.

Shiv Sena can stake claim to form the government with the help of NCP and Congress — though both the NCP and the Congress have made it clear that they are not looking forward to that option.

The movement not going towards a desirable direction, President’s Rule might be imposed. As long as none of these is happening, Devendra Fadnavis remains the caretaker CM of the state.