New Delhi: Condemning Pakistan’s statement on the Ayodhya verdict, India on Thursday accused the country of ‘merely spewing lies of self-serving mendacious propaganda’, and asked Pakistan to rather focus on improving its own education sector and concentrate on uplifting its minorities.Also Read - Ayodhya Verdict: 'If Sunni Waqf Board Refuses 5-acre Land, We'll Build Hospital on it', Says Waseem Rizvi

Notably, Pakistan had delivered the statement at the 12th session of Forum of Minority Issues. Meanwhile, at the United Nations Human Rights Council on Thursday, India had exercised its right to reply in response to the statement and asked Pakistan to stop spewing lies for self-serving malicious propaganda, stated news agency ANI. Also Read - Ayodhya Verdict: 'Won't Challenge Supreme Court's Judgement,' Says Sunni Waqf Board

“It is widely known that in Pakistan, the religious, racial, ethnic, sectarian and linguistic minorities have suffered an immense infringement of their fundamental rights due to the so-called blasphemy laws,” stated news agency ANI quoting the Indian diplomat Vimarsh Aryan. Also Read - Ayodhya Verdict: 'Review Petitions Will Only Harm, And Not Help Community,' Says Group of Eminent Muslims

The Indian diplomat further slammed Pakistan by saying that the world does not need lessons on human rights of minorities from a country whose own citizens have never enjoyed true democracy.

“This forum is meant to deliberate upon crucial Human Rights issues of minorities. But instead of adhering of that objective, Pakistan is merely spewing lies of self-serving mendacious propaganda,” Aryan said, as quoted by news agency ANI. He also referred to Pakistan’s statement on the Supreme Court of India’s verdict on the Ayodhya issue as nothing but a farrago of distortions and misrepresentation.