New Delhi, April 23: Major Indian Airliner Spice Jet has shook the world by sacking an experienced pilot charged with allegedly asking an air hostess to sit with him the cockpit and asking his co-pilot to go outside. The case has been considered as a major security lapse and the matter has been referred to Directorate General of Civil Aviation for further inquiry. Also Read - This Winter Season, 44% Fewer Domestic Flights Than Last Year Approved by DGCA

The incident took place in an international Boeing 737 flight on February 28 of this year, which was flying from Kolkata to Bangkok, when pilot called the air hostess to sit with him onboard and telling his co-pilot to leave the cockpit. The pilot repeated his actions again while returning to Kolkata from Bangkok. Due to his actions, the safety of passengers was at stake. The case has been referred as a serious safety breach and matter is dealt by senior officials of DGCA. ALSO READ: SpiceJet announces additional flights for summer Also Read - Air India Express Crash: 'Flight Couldn't Land on Designated Runway', Says AAI Chief Arvind Singh

Soon after the matter came into the limelight of the airliner officials, they sacked the pilot for his actions and initiated the matter to DGCA for further inquiry. During the flight the pilot even said the air hostess to sit beside him and give him company, which is against the aviation rules. Other than the pilot and the co-pilot, no body is allowed to enter the time the flight id flying, unless an emergency comes. Also Read - Coronavirus Outbreak: DGCA Asks Airports to Screen Passengers Coming From Nepal, Vietnam, Indonesia, Malaysia

Informing the company’s take, Genrala Manager said, “Inquiry process is on and statement of all concerned parties has been recorded. Subsequently, the alleged personnel had been sacked. The case has been informed to DGCA by our Flight Safety department and their inquiry is also on.”