New Delhi, June 1: A Spice Jet aircraft had a tyre-burst during takeoff from Ahmedabad airport, said ANI. All the passengers of SG-85, which was headed to Bankok, have been deplaned, said reports. More details are awaited.

Earlier this year, the tyre of another SpiceJet flight travelling from Chennai to Delhi burst when it landed at the Chennai airport. All the passengers were evacuated to safety. Flight SG-106 departed for Delhi in the afternoon on February 8 but after take-off, there were ‘hydraulic issues’ so the plane had to turn back to Chennai. The crew declared an emergency.

As soon as the flight landed, the right tyre appeared to have burst.  Fire and rescue services rushed to the spot. It is reported that all 189 passengers were safely deplaned by the rescue personnel. The main runway of the airport has been closed due to the incident. Flights in and out of the city are now using the second runway at the airport to land and depart.