Hurting religious sentiments is the easiest thing that one can do in India and this can be done by giving away a statement in public. The same has been done by Dwaraka-Sharda Peeth Swami Swaroopanand Saraswati who this time had targeted the sentiments of millions of devotees of Sai Baba and surprisingly, held responsible the ‘unworthy’ god for the drought in Maharashtra.

Not only calling Sai Baba a ‘Fakir‘ (beggar), Swami Swaroopanand also said that the state is not able to cope up with the drought like situation just because people are worshiping an ‘unauspicious’ god-like person. Swaroopanand also held responsible the women devotees who are worshiping Lord Shani. He went further with his ‘insensible’ comment that worshiping Lord Shani will raise crime and atrocities against women, especially after being allowed to enter the sanctum of Shani Shingnapur. Both the above statement have raise the agony of millions of devotees, particularly in Maharashtra, who worship booth Sai Baba and Lord Shani. ALSO READ: Worship of ‘unworthy’ Shirdi Sai Baba caused drought in Maharashtra, says Shankaracharya Swami Swaroopanand Saraswati

Speaking to ABP News, Swaroopanand said, “Ye niyam hai, yahan apujo ki puja hoti hai, pujo ka apman hoto hai aur durbhiksya maran aur bhay hota hai. Yehi sab ho raha hai aur Maharashtra me adhik unki puja hoti hai …maharashtra se wo chalti hai. Aap dekhiye shirdi se hi ye faila hai — Sai chalisa, Sai puran, Sai ramayan, Sai vrat, Sai ka prasad, Sai gayatri, — ye kya hai? (This is the rule, here unauspicious people are being worshiped. Worship is being insulted and death and fear due to drought exists. This all is happening mostly is Maharashtra. You see this all started from Shirdi — Sai chalisa, Sai puran, Sai ramayan, Sai vrat, Sai ka prasad, Sai gayatri — What is this?).”

Alleging that worshiping Sai Baba has insulted other gods, Swami Swaroopanand said, “Jagah jagah unke mandir banaye ja rahe hai aur mandir me Sai ki murti badi hoti hai. Aur humare jo devta hai, unko unke charno me dhala jata hai. To is tarah se humare devatao ka apman to ho hi raha hai…to ye kaise sehan hoga! (Everywhere temples are being constructed and Sai’s big statue are being set up. And our Lords are kept under his feet. This is how our Gods are insulted, how can we tolerate it).” With this statement not only Swami Swaroopannd has created controversy but, indeed has hurt sentiments of millions of devotees.

Watch the video for what he said.