Wuhan: It was just plain bad luck for Annum Jyothi, a young software engineer from Andhra Pradesh, who was left stranded in China’s Wuhan amid the deadly coronavirus outbreak. Jyothi, who was due to be evacuated in the first batch of Indians flown out by Air India last week, was left behind on suspicion of the infection. However, she claims she was only running a fever, and has no symptoms of the virus. Also Read - Coronavirus Outbreak: Death Toll Rises to 361 in Hubei; Chinese Stocks Plummet Beyond 7%

Now, Jyothi has made a fervent appeal to the Central and state governments to come to her rescue as her wedding is scheduled for February 18. She also said that she is ready to undergo medical tests to prove she is not infected while her family has also pleaded to the central government to rescue her. Also Read - Coronavirus Outbreak: Second Batch of 330 Passengers From Wuhan Arrive in India; Fresh Advisory Issued | Top Developments

Notably, 22-year-old Jyothi, is one of the TCL employees stranded in Wuhan. Just like her, another colleague Satya Sai Krishna is also trapped in Wuhan.

”My colleagues and I were supposed to take the first flight out of Wuhan to go home. But two of us had high body temperatures… we were stopped from taking the first flight. We were told you can take the next one. But in the afternoon we got a phone call and were told you can’t even take the second flight because you have fever. The Chinese (authorities) haven’t confirmed or denied we have the virus, but we are ready to prove we are healthy”, Jyothi said.

”Our body temperature is normal now. I am very healthy, please take me back to India,” she pleaded in the message.

The coronavirus outbreak, which has been declared a global health emergency by the World Health Organisation (WHO), has claimed over 360 lives in China.