New Delhi, December 31: The Human Resource Development ministry led by the Bhartiya Janata Party leaders are considering to cancel the no-detention policy of school students studying from class 5 to class 8 which was earlier introduced by the UPA government. A panel headed by ministers on national education policy has recommended the plan to cancel the old plan implemented by the UPA government and introduce new policies across the nation. The panel has also suggested that students must be screened at Class 5 and 8 levels. Also Read - Promises of Maa, Maati, Maanush Faded in Background: Amit Shah's Fresh Attack on Mamata Banerjee

Vasudev Devnani, primary education minister of Rajasthan, was quoted in a newspaper who said, “We have given our recommendations on the no-detention policy to 22 states, of which 18 have agreed to the change. We have recommended detaining students in Class 5 and Class 8 only”. Devnani also heads the panel of state ministers on the new national policy being formulated by the HRD ministry. Also Read - Rajib Banerjee, Other Rebel TMC Leaders Meet Amit Shah, Join BJP Ahead of West Bengal Elections

The recommendations can only be implemented after an amendment is made by the Centre on the Right to Education law, which prescribes the no-detention policy for students till Class 8. HRD minister Smriti Irani had asked the states to provide their views on cancelling the no-detention policy, reports Hindustan Times. Read Also: (HRD Ministry Smriti Irani felicitates CBSE teachers, mentors) Also Read - From Amit Shah To Smriti Irani, Top BJP Leaders Condemn Attack On JP Nadda’s Convey In Bengal

The no-detention policy was implemented on April 1, 2010, which was a key component of the Right To Education Act. The intention behind the no-detention policy was that every children between the age of six and 14 gets a school education.

Devnani said that the RTE policy will be same for other students except from Class 5 to Class 8 and other students will not be detained. Also a second chance to re-appear the exam will be given to the students those who fail in first attempt. But if a student fails in second attempt then they have to go through supplementary classes provide by the school.

The re-test will have to be done within a month after a student fails. However students of Class 4 will not be detained.

Recent survey conducted by Pratham, an NGO found that the educational standards of students in secondary sections especially in Mathematics and English had fallen in last eight years.