In an embarrassment for the government, Bharatiya Janata Party MP Subramanian Swamy on Monday slammed the decision to allow a delegation of Members of the European Union Parliament to visit Kashmir and demanded its cancellation.

Swamy described the move as a “perversion” of the country’s policy and tweeted against the permission given to the European Union MPs to visit Jammu and Kashmir.

The delegation of European Parliamentarians will be travelling to Jammu and Kashmir on Tuesday, nearly three months after the state’s special status under Article 370 was abolished and it was divided into two Union Territories.

This is the first foreign delegation to visit Jammu and Kashmir since the decision.

On Monday, the delegation met Prime Minister Narendra Modi, who expressed the hope that its members, during their Jammu and Kashmir visit, would get a “better understanding” of the region and “a clear view” of the government’s development and governance priorities there.

Modi also drew the delegation’s attention, albeit in a veiled manner, to Pakistan-sponsored terrorism that is hurting Jammu and Kashmir and said urgent action was needed against those supporting terrorism and using the menace as a state policy.

He underlined the need for zero tolerance against terrorism.