Raipur, Apr 27: Two days after the Sukma attack that led to the killing of 25 CRPF jawans by Maoists during the construction of a road in South Sukma, it is been reported that D P Upadhyaya, one of the top CRPF officers had repeatedly raised the point of slow pace of road construction in Sukma.

The Indian Express quoted Upadhyaya stating that he had repeatedly raised the issue of “terribly slow pace of road construction” with the Chhatisgarh government. The officer further stated that due to the slow pace of construction, the manpower of the CRPF has been used inefficiently as the jawans have been constantly protesting infrastructure development instead of being in the forests conducting operations. “Instead of being in the forests conducting operations, our manpower is constantly protecting infrastructure development. That is our duty, but this Dornapal-Jagargunda road has been under construction for years, and the pace of work is slow,” he said.

The report further states that for the past three years several proposals have been made to the state government to adopt new technology for the road construction that would help the construction of around 1 km of the road to complete in just two days. Currently, the contracts of the road construction are given to small contractors who have very little resources that lead to the slow pace of road construction.

“One patch of the road has several contractors making different stretches, and they have little technology and investment. Roads take ages to make and, in that period, our men are sitting ducks. In operations, we make the narrative. But while securing a road, there is very little flexibility in positions and we are always under threat,” the report quoted an officer.

The CRPF officials have repeatedly demanded the government to introduce new technologies that would help the roads to be constructed in less amount of time and would also help the CRPF to use its jawans efficiently.