New Delhi: Soon after Devendra Fadnavis resigned from his post of chief minister of Maharashtra, Congress spokesperson Manish Tewari on Tuesday said that the Supreme Court should look into how this government was formed illegally in the state.

“We want the Supreme Court to look into how this government was formed illegally. When did the Governor receive a claim for forming the government, when was notice to remove President’s rule received,” he said in Lok Sabha.

He went on to say that the Governor should shell his RSS/BJP cloak and fulfill his duties and invite the ‘Maha Vikas Aghadi’ to form the government so the people of Maharashtra can have a stable government.

“There are grave Constitutional questions that arise from this incident. The honourable President’s office is also under the cloud of suspicion,” he added.

Talking about the BJP’s claim on horse-trading, Tewari said, “They’re taking a moral high ground saying we didn’t indulge in horse-trading. We ask, why did you then rush into forming a government overnight?”

Earlier expressing opinion on Supreme Court’s order to hold a floor test in the assembly on Wednesday, Congress leader Abhishek Singhvi said the moral and constitutional values finally prevailed. He also said it is very appropriate as the judgment was delivered on the Constitution Day.

“Ultimately, moral and constitutional values have to prevail. It is very appropriate that the judgment was delivered on constitution day,” he said.

He alleged that the BJP has destroyed the concept of democracy and corrupted the office of the Governor.

“You have destroyed the concept of democracy and corrupted the office of the Governor and even the PMO, the irony is that you’re doing all of this around the constitution day,” he added.

He said that the nine cases against Ajit Pawar that were dropped at lightning speed by a temporary Chief Minister is part of the character transformation process one undergoes the minute one joins the BJP.