New Delhi, Sept 26: Indian External Affairs Minister Sushma Swaraj is scheduled to address the United Nations General Assembly today. Her speech is being eagerly awaited by Indians who pin hope in Swaraj to embarrass Pakistan on the global stage. Although, Indian diplomat Eenam Gambhir left no stone unturned in retaliating to Pakistan’s Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif at UNGA in the past week, the remarks made by Swaraj would hold much more legitimacy. In the aftermath of the Uri terror attack, India has firmly took the resolve of isolating Pakistan at all international forums, and making stringent efforts to get the warring neighbour identified as a ‘terror state’.

Swaraj is expected to further the narrative set by Prime Minister Narendra Modi against Pakistan, following the cross-border assault. She is expected to mince no words in describing Pakistan as the source of terrorism in South Asia. Swaraj’s hard-hitting speech against the Pakistani establishment would give India another opportunity to lambaste Pakistan on the global stage. Analysts claim that the content of Swaraj’s speech would be a reflection of the popular public sentiment in India. If one takes cue from her fiery rhetoric at the UN session of 2015, Swaraj would come down in an even more scathing and blunt manner against the notorious neighbour.

At her speech at the UN session in 2015, Swaraj retaliated to Pakistan’s four-point solution to normalise relations with India, most importantly being the discussion to end conflict in Kashmir. However, Swaraj lashed out at Nawaz Sharif, recommending him to fulfill only one agenda for resumption of ties – ‘stopping terrorism’. (ALSO READ: Sushma Swaraj’s absence at Narendra Modi’s high-level meetings raises some serious questions)

Her speech at the previous UN session was must watch for a multiple reasons. Not only did she humiliated Pakistan in the most scathing manner, her rhetoric reflected the transition of regime in New Delhi, where a far-more nationalist government is in power. While her oratory at UN was flawless, Swaraj also ensured that she send out a strong message to the international community rather than catering only to the domestic constituency through the rhetoric. Swaraj demanded strict actions against Pakistan for using terrorism as a state police. “The international community should make countries aiding, arming and protecting terrorists pay a heavy price,” she had said, adding that action should be taken against Islamabad as per the Global Counter Terrorism Strategy adopted by UN in 2006.

Here is the complete video of Sushma Swaraj’s must-watch speech at UN:

The bilateral relations between India and Pakistan struck a rock bottom following the terror attack Uri, which claimed the lives of 18 soldiers. String reaction was shown by the Indian political establishment in the aftermath of the attack. Defence analysts opined that war-like situation is escalating between India and Pakistan. However, the option of launching a full-blown military retaliation was virtually struck down by Prime Minister Modi, who underlined in his rally at Kozhikode that the need of the hour is to fight poverty. “Let us fight a war… against poverty. Let us see who wins. Let us see who can eradicate poverty first,” he said.