New Delhi: Swarms of locusts  have reached Gurugram, and it is likely to enter the national capital by Saturday evening or Sunday morning. News agency ANI has shared a video showing massive clusters of locusts flying in.  If reports are to be believed, Gurugram administration is sounding sirens and blowing horns to ward the insects off.Also Read - Delhi Reduces Number of Dry Days to Just 3, Down From 21 Earlier in The Whole Year. Details Here

Furthermore, the administration has asked residents to keep their windows shut as precaution. Farmers have been advised to keep their insecticide spray ready. Also Read - IMD Predicts Cold Day, Cold Wave Conditions For THESE States Over Next 5 Days. Full Forecast Here

“The swarms moved from west to east. They entered Gurugram around 11.30 am,” K L Gurjar of the Locust Warning Organisation, Ministry of Agriculture, told PTI. The pests, he said, were headed towards Palwal in Haryana. Also Read - Is Delhi Govt Planning To Lift Covid Curbs in National Capital as Cases Dip? LG Baijal Likely To Decide On Jan 27

“They are flying across the city West to East due to the steady wind. They will most likely enter Delhi,” a leading portal quoted Amit Khatri, Gurugram Deputy Commissioner (DC) as saying.

In May, India battled a devastating desert locust outbreak. The crop-destroying swarms first attacked Rajasthan and then spread to Punjab, Gujarat, Maharashtra and Madhya Pradesh.

Earlier on Friday,  small swarms of locusts from the jungles of neighbouring Madhya Pradesh had attacked villages of Banda and Chitrakoot districts in Uttar Pradesh, following which villagers beat drums to chase them away.

According to SDM, Atarra in Banda, Jaiprakash Yadav, there has been minor damage to crops at some places. He said locusts on Thursday invaded Turra, Bhusani, Udaipur, Banai, Gautampur, Atarra rural, Naktapurva, Mudwara, Chandaur and Pohar villages but farmers chased them away.

District agriculture officer, Banda, Pramod Kumar said that swarm of locusts attacked some villages but there was no major damage anywhere.

(With agency inputs)