New Delhi: Addressing the media after the UNSC held a closed-door meeting in New York over the current situation in Kashmir, India’s permanent representative to the United Nations, Syed Akbaruddin bowled over Pakistan journalists when he shook hands with them before taking questions.

In response to a Pakistan journalist asking, “when will you begin a dialogue with Pakistan?,” Akbaruddin walked over to the press enclave and shook hands with all media representative from Pakistan and proceeded to answer.

He began, “So, let me start by coming across to you and shaking hands. All three of you.”

“So let me tell you we have already extended a hand of friendship by saying we are committed to Simla agreement, let us wait for a response on that from Pakistan,” he added.


Later on, Akbaruddin said that the UNSC is a “very deliberative institution. It works in a very considered manner. Its outcomes are provided to all of us through the president.”

He said that since some were trying to “masquerade” national statements as the will of the international community, he was there to explain India’s national position.

He also said that some were trying to project an “alarmist situation” in Kashmir to propagate their ideology, referring to Pakistan.

With IANS inputs