Jaipur: Spiritual head of the Ajmer Sharif Dargah, Syed Jainul Abedin on Saturday said the Taliban is maligning Islam through terror activities in the name of the “shariyat”. He said restrictions on women and killings in the name of the Islamic law cannot be supported and are a crime in Islam. Terror and dictatorial activities of the Taliban are promoting hatred towards Islam in the world, the spiritual head of the Ajmer shrine said.Also Read - Breaking: 2 Dead, Over 20 Injured in Fresh Blasts In Afghanistan's Jalalabad, Confirms Taliban Official

“The Taliban is maligning Islam by terror activities in the name of shariyat (Islamic law),” Abedin said in a statement referring to attacks by the Taliban after capturing Afghanistan. He said Afghanistan has fallen into the hands of brutal Taliban and the rule of destruction, restrictions on women and killings have started in this country. Also Read - 2 Injured in IED Blast in Afghanistan's Kabul

Such deeds in the name of “shariyat” are a crime in Islam and cannot be supported, he said, adding that the Taliban has interpreted the law differently to fulfil its agenda of terrorism and governance as per their agenda. He said people should always give a priority to the national interest. The first duty should be to save our country, maintain unity and peace and then think about ourselves, he added. Also Read - Taliban Say Afghan Boys' Schools To Reopen, No Mention Of Girls; UNICEF Expresses Concern

“I strongly condemn those who support and welcome the illegal authority of the Taliban and their terrorist ideology,” he said. “The Muslim of India, being a peaceful citizen, does not support and welcome ideology of the Taliban, which is against the basic teachings of Islam,” he was further quoted as saying.

(Based on PTI inputs)