New Delhi: Nearly 32 rioters were arrested late Thursday night, after several fans of Tamil Nadu superstar Vijay went on a rampage outside a movie theatre in Krishnagiri district, over the change of time of Bigil movie screening, damaging a hoard of public and private property.

The riot resulted out of an argument regarding a midnight special screening on the first day of Vijay starrer ‘Bigil’ that faced some technical glitch, forcing the theatre authorities to reschedule the timings.

The incident comes as a result of the Tamil Nadu government’s decision in the late hours of Thursday to permit theatres to air special shows.

Despite being one of the most awaited movies this Deepavali in Tamil Nadu, the state government had earlier restricted all special screenings of ‘Bigil’. The government had made the announcement in order to keep a check on the exorbitant charges of the first-day-first-show of the movie, against the state’s mandated price for movies.

However, the decision had aggrieved moviegoers across the state and many people took social media to post pictures of their already purchased tickets.

The argument led to a mass riot with after the screening was cancelled and the gatherers vandalised dozens of shop banners, water tanks and vehicles parked outside the theatre.

The Krishnagiri police reached the location within minutes to diffuse the situation. All 32 arrested have been charged under the Public Property Destruction Act, Krishnagiri SP said. Following the incident, the Tamil Nadu police warned fans against any such intensified act, stating that strict action will be taken against them.