Trichy: A group of members robbed a bag containing cash amounting to Rs 1 crore from two men in the early hours on Saturday in Trichy. According to the Cantonment police, the two men who were robbed were natives of Thanjavur.

Sundaresan and Mathiyazhagan arrived at Trichy on Saturday. They came on a bus from Chennai, carrying a bag containing Rs 1 crore. They received the money from a financier in Chennai. The financier assigned them the duty to hand over the bag to a third-party in Trichy.

According to a report by the Times of India, the duo waited near the head post office to lend the money to a businessman. However, a gang arrived in a car and snatched the bag containing the cash. Sundaresan and Mathiyazhagan attempted to catch the gang members but their efforts went in vain.

They soon registered a police complaint after the incident of theft. Investigations are underway and police sources claim that they have cracked a clue about the gang members. A senior police officer said that they would soon nab the culprits.

Meanwhile, police are investigating the reason behind carrying such a hefty sum of money on a bus.