Chennai, April 2: In a shocking development, a German national has alleged that she was sexually assaulted by two men near the capital in Mahabalipuram. After receiving the complaint, the police has detained two culprits in the case. Reacting promptly to the complaint, the police has formed a special team to investigate the case. The German national has been admitted to the hospital and currently seeking the treatment.

The recent case reflects the growing number of incidents of violence against the foreign nationals in India. Recently an Irish woman was found dead on the beach in South Goa. The police said that Irish lady was murdered by a history sheeter of the area. However, the Greater Noida case brought notoriety after the Nigerian nationals were attacked after a local youth died by an overdose of drugs. The locals alleged that Nigerian nationals were involved in selling the drugs to the local people. The attack sparked criticism from the civil society in India.

The Data by National Crime Records Bureau suggests that Delhi and Goa are the most unsafe places for foreign nationals in India. While Delhi recorded 164 incidents of violence, Goa followed it by registering 73 cases in 2014.