New Delhi: The Tamil Nadu Muslim League (TNML) filed a complaint in the Chennai Police Commissioner’s Office demanding a ban on the popular online multiplayer game Player Unknown’s Battlegrounds (PUBG). The organisation alleged that the game hurts the religious sentiments of Muslims across the globe.

The complaint registered on June 3 stated that the recent update in the popular game caused uproar and anger amongst the global Islam community, similar to online games like Blue Whale Challenge that led to suicides of students, as it portrays an image resembling the Holy place ‘Kaaba’ and depicts it in a bad light.

Kaaba is a sacred building at the centre of the Great Mosque, which is located in Islam’s most important city of Mecca.

A video was circulated on instant messaging platforms by a social media page Kashmir Islamic along with the copy of the complaint.

The video claimed that the Anniversary Edition of the PUBG video game on March 29, 2019, features an image of the Holy Kaaba, which appears at the player’s foot level and that bullets are fired upon it. It said that the game was disrespecting a holy site where crores of people visit to offer prayer.

The video urged devout Muslims to start a campaign to “Boycott PUBG” by deleting the game, reporting it, sharing the video and spreading the word about how the game that insults Islamic religious sentiments. The video featured captions such as “#BanPUBG”, “True Muslim can’t live without deleting it” and “Stop PUBG”.