New Delhi, April 8: Defending India at a debate session on Al Jazeera TV on the attacks on students from Africa in Greater Noida, BJP leader Tarun Vijay sparked a massive controversy saying that southern states are part of India which is a proof that India isn’t racist. Tarun Vijay said, “If we (Indians) were racist, why would we have the entire south (India)? Why do we live with them (south Indians)? We have black people around us.” So basically, all the South Indians are foreigners and not Indians. This is something I was never taught in my History classes. Thank god we have politicians. And since my skin colour closely matches theirs, should I be called a foreigner too? Also Read - Boost to India's Air Power: 3 More Rafale Fighter Jets to Arrive in Ambala on November 5

Vijay’s cringe-worthy comments drew flak from various parties and leaders. While the Communist Party of India (CPI) on Saturday said it exposes the fascist ideology of the Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh (RSS), Congress leader Mallikarjun Kharge said that this is why the party (Congress) has been maintaining that it is the tendency and philosophy of the BJP leaders that they even discriminate Indians. While everyone ganged up to slam the leader for making black a personality trait, a country we are proud to call diverse, we forgot that he unintentionally exposed the Indian society and its obsession with “white” skin. Didn’t he speak for all of us? Yes, he did. Also Read - India-US 2+2 Dialogue: Landmark Defence Pact BECA Signed, Pompeo Calls China a 'Threat' to Regional Security | Key Points

For long, India has preferred “white” skin over “black” and there is no getting around the fact. In an Indian society, parents have always given preference to “white skin” over “black”. The prejudice against “black” skin has been so much that Indian channels also run ads asking you to try those particular products to get a fair skin in just a fortnight because obviously, if you are dark, you are a loser. Your life knows when you get a fair skin and it is that exact moment when it starts changing for good. Also Read - You Can Buy Land in Jammu And Kashmir Now, Home Ministry Issues Gazette Notification

Foreigners for us are basically the ones with white skin. If we have people from Nigeria, Zimbabwe or Kenya, we would rather call them “kaala”. The foreigners with “white” skin enjoy immense privilege here in India but we can’t have these ones around because obviously, they “all” are drug addicts, “habshis” and are not legal migrants. If you are a “white” foreigner, you can’t be a criminal, no. You are definitely a legal migrant.

Your skin colour gives you immense privilege socially, economically, in terms of marriage, relationships etc etc. So, you gotta be white. We Indians haven’t yet accepted the Indians with “black” skin, how can you expect us give the foreigners with dark skin any worth?

It is a matter of concern how even the kids are prompted to call someone “kaalu” or “bhoot” or “aye kaale” because it’s funny. They end up name-calling their teachers having “dark” skin. Black is such a no-no in India that on special occasions, people are asked not to wear black because it is the colour of the devil. Such thoughts are ingrained so deeply in the brains of the Indian people that no matter what you do, you will never be preferred if you have a dark skin tone.

Being a diverse country, India have diversity in almost everything even colour. So, in India, we have three skin tones- White (Gora), Gehua (Wheatish) and Kala (Black). We would rather settle for Gehua if we can’t be Gora even after using Fair & Lovely, Pond’s White Beauty, Fair and Handsome and be like as Gora as Shah Rukh Khan or any other actor, but no Black please.

This is India. Incredible India, indeed.

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