New Delhi: After Bihar Chief Minister Nitish Kumar blamed porn sites for the increasing rates of crime against women in India, Maharashtra Governor offered his own finding behind the disturbing rise. Universities should teach their students Sanskrit shlokas to prevent rapes which are being brutally committed in the country every day, Maharashtra governor Bhagat Singh Koshyari said on Thursday as he was addressing the inaugural ceremony of Nagpur University’s Jamnalal Bajaj administrative building.

Explaining the difference between good and evil people, the Governor said, “There was a time when Kanya puja would be held at homes…But what is happening now? Dushtas are committing rapes and murder of women. Is power meant for abusing or protecting? hence, students should be taught Sanskrit shlokas so that such events don’t take place.”

A few days ago, Bihar CM wrote a letter to Prime Minister Narendra Modi urging him to ban porn sites. “Chief Minister Nitish Kumar has written to PM Narendra Modi, requesting him to put a ban on porn sites and inappropriate content on Internet as long-term usage of such content is negatively affecting the mentality of some people, leading to rising in crimes against women,” Bihar CM’s Office said in a statement.

Recently, BJP MP Ganesh Singh claimed in Parliament that speaking Sanskrit on a daily basis boosts the nervous system and keeps diabetes and cholesterol at bay. He was speaking during the debate on the Sanskrit Universities Bill. “Sanskrit helps boost the nervous system and keeps ailments related to diabetes and cholesterol at bay, Singh said during a debate in Lok Sabha and added that it if computer programming is done in Sanskrit, it can be flawless, as per a research by US space agency NASA,” he said.