Hyderabad, Apr 8: In a shocking incident, a couple in their fifties were beaten up, tied to an electric pole in front of their house and set on fire by a group of 15 people for allegedly performing black magic. The horrific incident in Dubbak town of Siddipet district occurred on Thursday and according to reports, the couple were burnt in front of their 21-year-old daughter and 16-year-old son. Also Read - Two Tantriks Perform Black Magic Rituals Seeking Death of Eknath Shinde, Arrested in Palghar

The couple Sudarshan (56) and his wife Rajeshwari (52) has been living in the BC colony for decades and on Thursday, accusing the couple of practising black magic, their relatives attacked them. It is been reported that the two begged the mob to leave them and also assured that they will leave the colony permanently but the mob hit the couple for more than half an hour and then tied them to an electric pole and set them on fire. Also Read - Bengal Horror! Woman Smashes Son's Head, Roasts Him with Ghee, Camphor And Spices

The couple’s son and daughter have been reported to beg the mob to leave their parents but the mob threatened to give the same treatment to them. After the children tried to prevent the crowd from setting the fire, they were beaten up. Later, Sudarshan’s sister and some others rescued the couple with the help of the police, but till then booth had suffered 90 per cent burn injuries. The couple succumbed at the Gandhi Hospital in Hyderabad today. Also Read - Odisha Man Kills His Aunt on Suspicion of 'Practicing Witchcraft', Enters Police Station With Her Severed Head

According to Telangana Today, Assistant Commissioner of Police G Narasimha Reddy said that the couple had approached the police complaining about the threat to their lives from their relatives and neighbours after which the police had summoned Sudarshan’s brother Srinivas and Mallesh along with their neighbours for enquiry.

The police have taken at least 15 people including three women into custody and among the 15, the two brothers of the couple, their wives and children have also been reported to be in the custody of the police.