Mahabubabad district, (Telanaga), Nov 10: The banning of Rs 500, Rs 100 notes had resulted in various problem for the common man in just two days. Queues at the banks, shutdown of ATMs, quarrels at the petrol stations and many more had caused the middle class a lot. In one such dejected incident, a woman in Telanagan’s Mahabubabad district committed suicide on Thursday fearing that the money she possessed was of no value. The fifty-five-year-old woman who reportedly had large amount of Rs 500 and Rs 1000 notes stored in her house, was upset following the ban. After the news of banning of the old notes surfaced, the woman worried about her money, which now will not be of any use to her. The incident took place at Shanigapuram village in Telangana.Also Read - Health Authorities in Telangana On Their Toes After 43 Girl Students Test Positive For COVID19 in Sangareddy

As per The News Minute report, Vinoda had sold 12 acres of land few months ago and had decided to store the moeny at home instead of going to the bank. According to her relatives, she hanged after he confused herself with recent banning of notes. She believed that she bore heavy financial losses and could not bear it. While the amount she had is still not clear to her realtives, police stated that it was over Rs 50 lakhs. (ALSO READ- Rs 500, 1000 Note ban: Cash strapped families postpone weddings, planners worried) Also Read - Shocking! 80% Women in THESE South Indian States Justify Men Beating Their Wives: Survey

“The family said that she committed suicide due to confusion, but some relatives are saying that it was because of a family dispute,” he said. However, reports also say that she committed suicide over some family dispute. A police officer investigating the case was quoted saying, “The family said that she committed suicide due to confusion, but some relatives are saying that it was because of a family dispute. Apparently, the children wanted a share of the money and harassed the woman. We are still looking into the case.” The police officer said that the woman had one son and two daughters, all who were married. (ALSO READ: Rs 500, Rs 1000 currency notes can be used for paying utility bills, tax) Also Read - 25 Students, 5 Teachers Test Covid Positive At Mahindra University, Hyderabad | Campus Shut

Thousands of people were seen at various banks in long queues today at banks in Telangana. People were seen crowding banks to exchange or deposit the demonetised currency notes. At several bank branches, customers started arriving even before 8 AM, a day after the demonetisation of 500 and 1,000 rupee currency notes. (ALSO READ: New Rs 500, Rs 2000 currency notes out; long queues at banks to exchange old notes)

To control the crowd, policemen were deployed at some bank branches to see that the transactions go on smoothly.
The RBI earlier said that starting today, bank customers can tender the notes at any of its offices or any bank branch. People can fullfil their immediate cash needs over the counter of these bank branches. Notes of value up to Rs 4,000 per person can be exchanged for cash. Government has asked banks to be opened on weekends including Sunday to tackle the situations. ATMs will resume functioning from tomorrow. (Image Credits: The News Minute)